Largest Independent Home and Alternate Site Infusion Provider Establishes the Standard of Care Across the United States Through Its Clinical Leadership and Technology-Enabled 以患者为中心的模式

伊利诺伊州班诺克本和丹佛,2019 年 8 月 7 日讯 —  Option Care Enterprises, Inc. (“Option Care”) 和 BioScrip, Inc. (“BioScrip”) 今天宣布成功完成合并,此前交易的完成条件已得到满足,包括 BioScrip 股东的批准和获得所有必要的监管批准。

The newly combined company, Option Care Health, Inc. (“Option Care Health” or the “Company”), emerges as the largest independent home and alternate site infusion services provider in the United States. Option Care Health’s common stock will be listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol BIOS.

Option Care Health 首席执行官 John Rademacher表示:“今天标志着令人振奋的新篇章的开始,因为我们将两个实力雄厚的组织、有着悠久历史的市场领导者联合起来。此次合并使我们能够重新构想输液护理体验,在全国范围内以较低的成本充分释放出高品质护理的潜力。我们现在是唯一一家专注于为全国患者提供全方位输液治疗的独立提供者。我们深厚的临床专业知识、广泛的疗法组合以及增强的财务状况使我们有能力提供卓越的疗效,并为患者护理树立标准。”

Option Care Health 将继续专注于:

  • Patient-Centered Care Model, providing deeply personalized care to patients in all 50 states, supported by the broadest commercial and clinical coverage with our unique product offering.
  • Clinical and Market Leadership, leveraging our best-in-class clinical team to consistently raise quality standards and patient outcomes while collaborating with health systems, payers and manufacturers to broaden our therapy portfolio and clinical reach.
  • 在制定输液服务行业标准的同时,投资于人力、技术和运营以推动盈利增长。

Daniel E. Greenleaf, former Chief Executive Officer of BioScrip, commented, “I’m proud of the BioScrip team and the care that we delivered every day to patients who trusted us to provide extraordinary care. This new enterprise combines two independent market leaders and enables the organization to truly redefine infusion therapy in the alternate site setting. With a significantly improved capital structure and financial profile, I’m confident Option Care Health will continue to build upon the momentum of BioScrip and Option Care.”

Option Care Health 的总部将设在伊利诺伊州班诺克本,由 Rademacher 担任首席执行官,Mike Shapiro 担任首席财务官。Baxter International Inc. 前董事长兼首席执行官 Harry Kraemer 将担任 Option Care Health 董事会主席。


In connection with the transaction, Jefferies LLC and Moelis & Company LLC acted as joint financial advisors to BioScrip, and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP served as legal advisor. Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC and BofA Merrill Lynch acted as financial advisors and Kirkland & Ellis LLP acted as legal advisor to Option Care.


This communication contains “forward-looking statements ” (as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995) regarding, among other things, future events or the future financial performance of Option Care Health. All statements other than statements of historical facts are forward-looking statements. In addition, words such as “anticipate,” “believe,” “contemplate,” “continue,” “could,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,” “plan,” “potential,” “predict,” “project,” “seek,” “should,” “target,” “will,” “would,” or the negative of these words, and words and terms of similar substance used in connection with any discussion of future plans, actions or events identify forward-looking statements.

Forward-looking statements relating to Option Care Health include, but are not limited to: statements about the benefits of the combined company, including future financial and operating results; expected synergies; Option Care Health’s plans, objectives, expectations and intentions; and other statements relating to the merger that are not historical facts. Forward-looking statements are based on information currently available to BioScrip and Option Care and involve estimates, expectations and projections.

敬请投资者注意,所有此类前瞻性声明均会受到风险和不确定性(已知和未知)的影响,并且许多因素可能导致实际事件或结果与此类前瞻性声明所表明的内容发生重大差异。关于 BioScrip 和 Option Care 的合并,这些因素可能包括但不限于:(i) 与合并相关的大量债务可能对 Option Care Health 运营合并后业务的能力产生影响,(ii) 与 BioScrip 和 Option Care 的业务、解决方案和员工整合到合并后的公司有关的风险,以及预期的协同效应和合并后的其他利益(包括成本节约)无法实现或无法在预期时间内实现的可能性,(iii) Option Care Health 作为纳斯达克意义上的“受控公司”的地位,包括 Option Care Health 对某些公司治理标准的豁免的依赖,以及合并前持有人现在对 Option Care Health 的影响力大大降低; (iv) 与合并后的业务以及合并后的公司所在行业相关的风险。

这些风险和不确定性以及其他风险和不确定性在 BioScrip 于 2019 年 6 月 26 日向 SEC 提交的最终委托书声明和 Option Care Health 随后向 SEC 提交的文件中进行了更充分的讨论。虽然此处和 Option Care Health 公开文件中列出的风险因素列表具有代表性,但此类列表不应被视为所有潜在风险和不确定性的完整陈述。其中许多风险、不确定性和假设超出了 BioScrip 和 Option Care 的控制或预测能力。由于存在这些风险、不确定性和假设,因此您不应过度依赖这些前瞻性声明。此外,前瞻性声明仅以作出声明之日各方目前可获得的信息为依据,BioScrip 和 Option Care 均不承担公开更新或修改任何前瞻性声明以反映本通讯日期后可能出现的事件或情况的义务。

关于 Option Care Health

Option Care Health, Inc. (Option Care Health)(纳斯达克:BIOS)是美国最大的独立家庭和备选站点输液服务提供商。我们拥有 6,000 多名团队成员,其中包括 2,900 名临床医生,我们体恤工作,致力于提高所有 50 个州的急性和慢性病症患者的护理标准。通过我们的临床领导能力、专业知识和全国规模,Option Care Health 正在为患者、客户和员工重新构想输液护理体验。要了解更多信息,请访问我们的网站

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Rachel Bowen, PCI


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Mike Shapiro,首席财务官

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