Nutrition Support ProgramAUSTIN, Texas — Option Care’s local dietitian-led Nutrition Support Team improves the care of patients receiving nutrition therapy at home and saves millions in costs by preventing hospitalization, according to a study being presented at the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.) Clinical Nutrition Week meeting today in Austin.

此项研究跟踪了 Option Care 临床医师主动识别接受家庭肠外(静脉注射)营养 (HPN) 和家庭肠内(通过喂食管)营养 (HEN) 治疗的患者四种治疗并发症之一的次数。在每个病例中,团队都与患者医师合作以纠正问题。

“Our findings demonstrate that Option Care‘s unique tools and processes help our clinicians detect complications early and intervene before they become bigger problems and lead to hospitalization,” Noreen Luszcz, RD, MBA, CNSC, Nutrition Program Director for Option Care. “Even though we analyzed only a few of the typical clinical interventions performed over a six-month period, we found significant benefits to our high-touch clinical support.”

此项研究包括 2015 年 2 月 1 日至 7 月 31 日期间由 63 位 Option Care 营养师对 124 名 HPN 患者和 126 名 HEN 患者所收集的数据。在 Option Care 的密切监测系统识别问题并积极反应后,团队采取了 390 项临床干预措施。在此期间,一半的 HPN 患者至少住院治疗一次(20% 与营养有关,12 名患者),33% 的 HEN 患者至少住院治疗一次(9% 与营养有关,4 名患者)。然而,研究人员指出,如果没有多学科团队的密切监测和积极反应,与营养有关的住院治疗数量将显著提高。他们估计,干预措施使 957 个住院天数得以避免,因此节省了 190 多万美元。


  • 管理电解质失衡(帮助肌肉和其他重要身体功能的化学物质水平)
  • 管理低血糖症(低血糖会引起各种症状,包括虚弱和困惑)
  • 预防脱水(可导致癫痫、精神状态改变及肾脏损害)
  • 减少或消除腹泻(可导致脱水)

“Many of these patients have complicated conditions and the nutrition therapies they receive are increasingly complex,” said Luszcz. “We’ve worked tirelessly to develop effective ways of closely monitoring them to ensure complications are identified early and remedied quickly.”

Option Care’s Nutrition Support Program follows a multidisciplinary team approach to care including infusion nurses, pharmacists, and dietitians certified in nutrition support who work closely with physicians to provide quality care to HPN and HEN patients. The program includes a registered dietitian at every one of its 92 infusion pharmacies.

Patients are prescribed HPN or HEN because they cannot meet their nutrition needs orally due to conditions such as cancer, stroke, gastrointestinal disease, or surgical complications. Both therapies can be temporarily administered in the hospital, however, about 40,000 HPN patients and 344,000 HEN patients annually receive their nutrition therapy safely and with less cost at home avoiding the risk of exposure to hospital-acquired infections, returning to work, and living active lives. Although some people receive these therapies short-term many are on for a longer period and some lifelong.

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