Option Care Accreditation from URAC for Specialty PharmacyBANNOCKBURN, Ill., April 6, 2017 — Option Care Enterprises, Inc., one of the nation’s leading providers of home and alternate treatment site infusion therapy services, has earned URAC Specialty Pharmacy accreditation with a perfect score of 100 percent for corporate, as well as Option Care’s three specialty pharmacy centers of excellence located in Chicago, Los Angeles and Panama City, Fla.

Certification by URAC assures demonstration of a comprehensive commitment to quality care, improved processes and better patient outcomes. URAC is the independent leader in promoting healthcare quality through accreditation, certification and measurement. Many payers and manufacturers recognize the URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation as a key differentiator and independent validation of quality — often including this accreditation as a requirement to participate in their network.

“Quality care is at the core of our mission, so we are very pleased to have earned this outside recognition of our commitment to exceptional healthcare services,” said Nita Meaux, Director, Quality & Risk Management, Option Care. “URAC documented consistent excellence throughout all three Option Care specialty pharmacy centers, showcasing our staff’s knowledge and commitment to care.”

The perfect accreditation score applies to all specialty areas, including immunoglobulin (IG), bleeding disorders, enzymes and infliximab. Option Care was audited on more than 200 standards, nearly 90 of them mandatory.

“We are proud and gratified to earn independent accreditation with this unprecedented demonstration of quality,” said Paul Mastrapa, CEO of Option Care. “A perfect score is significant for us as a national healthcare services organization, as well as for the patients and providers who rely on our care.”

认证是一项严格、透明和全面的评估性过程,包括由 URAC 检查 Option Care 的系统、过程和绩效,以确保其以符合预定标准的方式开展业务,并且符合国家标准。

URAC 专业药房认证意味着 Option Care 已达到了一系列标准,包括:

  • 具有适当的政策和程序以确保消费者能够获得适当的药物/药品
  • 坚持采用多种方法衡量客户满意度
  • 保护消费者的健康信息
  • 具有确保遵守药品安全方案的政策和程序
  • 遵循质量管理、维护和报告的逻辑性蓝图
  • 达到规定处方配药的准确性和周转时间的严格绩效标准
  • 为其患者管理项目制定了一套以患者为中心的策略,包括协调护理、沟通与教育、患者权利和责任
  • 确保客户服务中心业务的时效性和执行力,包括接听电话咨询的时间
  • 向 URAC 汇报强制性的绩效指标

“It’s necessary for specialty pharmacies to provide a higher level of treatment for patients so desired outcomes are achieved. Option Care shows a dedication to patient education and safety through the recognition of quality it received with URAC’s independent accreditation,” said URAC President and CEO Kylanne Green. “With URAC accreditation, people know that Option Care strives to adhere to industry best practices.”


URAC 成立于 1990 年,是通过认可、认证和测量来促进医疗质量的独立领导者。URAC 是一个非营利组织,通过与一系列致力于提高医疗质量的利益相关者的包容性参与,来制定基于证据的措施和标准。我们的认可和认证系列项目横跨整个医疗保健行业,应对医疗保健管理、医疗保健业务、医疗计划、药房、远程医疗服务提供者、医师诊所等问题。URAC 认证是组织机构展示其验证的质量和问责承诺的卓越标志。

关于 Option Care

Option Care Enterprises, Inc. (Option Care) 是全美最大和最值得信赖的家庭和备选医疗站点输液服务提供者。作为行业领导者,本公司汲取了近 40 年的临床护理经验,提供以患者为中心的治疗管理。Option Care 的标志性家庭输液+服务包括输液药物的临床管理、护理支持和护理协调。Option Care 由 1,700 多名临床从业人员(包括药剂师、护士和营养师)组成的多学科团队能够为美国各地需要接受复杂和慢性病治疗的几乎所有患者提供家庭输液服务覆盖。有关详情请访问 www.OptionCare.com。

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